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Join with like minded women who are motivated to learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to manage the never ending demands of daily life so they can sleep well at night, feel like they're in the driver's seat again, and experience more JOY!

As a people pleaser who does so much for so many, shifting your focus away from others and onto yourself can feel daunting. You do not need to do this alone. You can be part of an interactive community that comes together to learn all about mindfulness and meditation in order to start experiencing all the powerful benefits of a regular practice.   

When you find yourself on the couch, incapable of anything more than scrolling through social media, why not use that time to squeeze some self-care into your daily routine. This community membership is set up for easy access and connects you with resources, weekly classes, and regular opportunities to connect and share your success with other women.   

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— Evelyn S., MA

“I had never tried coaching before but Elizabeth helped me feel comfortable. My life is still ‘crazy chaos’ but I’m managing my stress much better. I see things in new ways, I speak up more often, and I can take charge of what’s withing my control and accept what I can’t. These are big changes for me.”

I'm managing my stress better.

— Anne C., VA

Now I am really trying to pause more throughout the day and I’m better at slowing my mind. It was helpful that you blended the scientific information with wisdom teachings from the Buddha and used stories that made the teachings memorable. I would highly recommend this program to others as it will help you get started with meditation and learn how important it is to your mental health. 

I completed Elizabeth's course
and it really helped me accept just
how busy my mind can be.

Mindfulness can be integrated into your life each and every day — and in each and every moment. Learn 9 specific practices that you can try at any time to support the experience of feeling present.

9 Mindfulness Practices You Can Try Today

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