1:1 Mindfulness &Meditation Coaching

Schedule individual sessions if you are looking for personalized support as you learn how mindfulness and meditation can greatly reduce your stress. Together we can design a program tailored to your individual goals.

As a people pleaser who does so much for so many, shifting your focus away from others and onto yourself can feel daunting. You do not need to do this alone. One-on-one coaching helps you harness more of the benefits that accompany a regular practice.

Individual sessions are a valuable support when learning about mindfulness and working to establish a regular practice. These meetings are also opportunities to process insights gained as you deepen your self-awareness through meditation. While these appointments are not therapy, they are therapeutic as they serve to clarify and address life and relationship challenges. This lowers your level of stress and increases your ability to experience success. 

harness the benefits Of A More Regular Practice

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— Evelyn S., MA

“I had never tried coaching before but Elizabeth helped me feel comfortable. My life is still ‘crazy chaos’ but I’m managing my stress much better. I see things in new ways, I speak up more often, and I can take charge of what’s withing my control and accept what I can’t. These are big changes for me.”

I'm managing my stress better.

You’ll always have a plate full of things to do. But the key is feeling like you’re steady on your feet in face of it all. Here’s how I can help you achieve that:

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— Anne C., VA

Now I am really trying to pause more throughout the day and I’m better at slowing my mind. It was helpful that you blended the scientific information with wisdom teachings from the Buddha and used stories that made the teachings memorable. I would highly recommend this program to others as it will help you get started with meditation and learn how important it is to your mental health. 

Taking this course really helped me accept just how busy my mind can be.

Mindfulness can be integrated into your life each and every day — and in each and every moment. Learn 9 specific practices that you can try at any time to support the experience of feeling present.

9 Mindfulness Practices You Can Try Today