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The next mindfulness groups will begin in January 2021.
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If you are here, you’re probably dealing with a lot of stress or anxiety.  You are not alone!  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America there are 40 million adults (age 18+) in the United States living with anxiety.  That’s 18.1% of the population and the numbers are on the rise.

Living in a competitive, fast-paced culture that poses conflicting demands on our time, energy, and finances, can lead to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

We all go through difficult times when some (or several) aspect of life seems “out of control”.  This affects our ability to function well, to work, sleep, interact with others, and most of all, to feel good.

I created this website and blog in an effort to share what I have learned while working with individuals facing crises and overcoming obstacles in their lives.  I hope to post blog pieces that answer questions and provide suggestions regarding stress and anxiety and ways to overcome daily difficulties and increase overall well-being.

Because I feel strongly about the power and benefits of mindfulness, I make a point of incorporating it into therapy and teach it whenever possible.  My ability to share information is limited by the constraints of private practice. For this reason, I decided to build this website (a work in progress) and write a blog.  I hope you will visit often and find this site to be a source of  information you can use to reduce stress and anxiety and increase your sense of well-being.

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