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A transformational approach where psychology meets mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress and release the overwhelm in your life.


In today’s world, it can feel really hard to keep up. From the demands of work to your kids’ schedules to your marriage or social life… feeling pulled in so many different directions can either manifest as overwhelm or apathy when you don’t know the best path to take to manage it all.

Listen, you’re doing great. But you deserve a life that puts you back in the driver’s seat and gives you what you need to feel in control of your choices.

What if you Could feel accomplished, empowered, and in control no matter what life throws at you?

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As an educated and trained psychologist, I know the science and the theories behind why we all think the way we do. But as a mindful, meditative human, I know how we can reframe and reprogram those thoughts in a more positive and productive way.

With me, you’ll learn how to shift from overwhelm into being in control, how to reduce stress through mindfulness and meditation, and how to understand and apply psychological thoughts, feelings, and theories into your own life. 

Because, here’s the thing: I know how hard things can be, but I also know how wonderful you are — just the way you are. Over here, you’ll always feel compassion, understanding, and recognition for it all, so that you can open up to the best version of yourself.

I’m Elizabeth Cronin.

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Join a community of high performing women for weekly classes and daily support and inspiration.  Come discover and access evidence based resources and practices that will help manage your mood, face challenges with confidence, and live the life you deserve!

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You’ll always have a plate full of things to do. But the key is feeling like you’re steady on your feet in face of it all. Here’s how I can help you achieve that:

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Connecting with people in fast-pace environments is at the heart of my own mindfulness expression. For corporate consultation, programming, or speaking engagements on psychology, mindfulness, or meditation, get in touch.

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Join this 8 week course with live lessons offered via Zoom and  learn how to shift from feelings of overwhelm to calmness.  Get the benefits of a regular practice with the support of instruction and a safe and caring group.  

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What they’re saying

— Pam B., CT

I had wanted to learn meditation techniques so I could feel confident in my ability to practice it successfully. Elizabeth's teachings made me realize there is no wrong way to meditate and that roaming thoughts are normal and going to happen. The best way to become more confident in your practice is by continuing to do it.

"Keep practicing your practice!"

— Patti F., GA

Elizabeth's course was huge in helping me increase my awareness of how my body manifests my feelings. It also helped me realize and access an amazing resource that I was aware of but wasn’t using - meditation.

"An opportunity to help ourselves."

— Krista W., NH

Working with Elizabeth allowed me to truly engage in a real meditation practice without feeling like I was doing it wrong. Having the ability to forgive yourself for not being perfect in the practice has made me have more patience for myself and others as a result. EVERYONE needs this and working with Elizabeth will get you started.

"Finally, mindfulness for real people."

— Kristen W., MA

[Elizabeth] got me to make time for daily meditation much more frequently by demystifying the whole deal. I have my breath everywhere I go and there's nothing getting in the way of me taking 5 minutes multiple times a day to regain equilibrium. I don't have to have a cushion, I don't have to sit on the floor... I don't have to know anything except how to breath and how to return my thoughts to my breath. That's it. I don't have to be zen and enlightened to PRACTICE meditation every day. This class democratized meditation for me. It's mine as much as it's anyone’s.

"Truly, I am calmer."

— Anne C., VA

Taking this course really. Now I am really trying to pause more throughout the day and I’m better at slowing my mind. It was helpful that you blended the scientific information with wisdom teachings from the Buddha and used stories that made the teachings memorable. I would highly recommend this program to others as it will help you get started with meditation and learn how important it is to your mental health. 

"Helped me accept just how busy my mind can be."

— Donna M., NY

After taking this program, I really feel like I have a better perspective. The guided meditations really helped me focus and practice settling my mind. I recommend this program as it will help you feel more calm and in control of your reactions to situations with which you are confronted. Elizabeth has a very calming and reassuring voice for the guided meditations which is really important.

"I looked forward to Tuesday evenings every week."

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My approach and development frameworks come from years in the industry as both a trained psychologist and mindfulness practitioner — and the work I do with my clients leans on that experience. When you work with me, you’ll be getting a high-touch experience truly unparalleled in the mindfulness space itself.

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Here’s what I believe:



You are worthy of a life that gives you space for each and every one of your feelings — and I’ll give you the tools you need.


You do have enough time to chase all of your dreams and live a life that feels good — and I’ll show you.

You deserve to feel in control of your life and your choices — and I’ll teach you to do it.

Stop letting anxious thoughts or feelings run the show. With the right tools, life can feel as good as you want it to feel. I can show you how.

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Mindfulness can be integrated into your life each and every day — and in each and every moment. Learn 9 specific practices that you can try at any time to support the experience of feeling present.

9 Mindfulness Practices You Can Try Today

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