The Power of Meditation

An 8 week course for learning the skills and strategies to conquer life’s chaos so you can catch a break, take time for yourself, and reclaim a sense of well-being. 

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As a high-performing woman with high standards who strives to be there for others, you already know how easy it is for the doldrums of life to leave you feeling depleted and discouraged daily.
• You rush from one moment to the next with barely any time to catch your breath.  
• You put your heart into everything yet wonder whether you’ve accomplished anything meaningful.  
• You are tired of juggling so many balls, feeling like the train has run off the track, and spinning your wheels without success. 

Here’s the thing— 

You can feel better. You can make choices TODAY, right now, that will change the person you are TOMORROW.

Reclaiming a life you love isn’t easy. 

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An 8-week course that will provide practical instruction to transform the way you navigate life. Learn the skills and strategies to conquer life’s chaos so you can catch a break, take time for yourself, and reclaim a sense of well-being.

The Power of Meditation


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— Donna M., NY

After taking this program, I really feel like I have a better perspective. The guided meditations really helped me focus and practice settling my mind. I recommend this program as it will help you feel more calm and in control of your reactions to situations with which you are confronted. Elizabeth has a very calming and reassuring voice for the guided meditations which is really important.

I was unsure about committing to 8 weeks but it turned out that I looked forward to Tuesday evenings every week.

Being yanked around by the needs of others means some of what matters to you gets buried under all your other responsibilities, depleting your own energy reserves. I’ll teach you how to navigate life’s demands and still have the energy to take a walk, enjoy a hobby, connect with friends, or start a personal project.

Managing anxiety and experiencing greater peace helps avoid a wide range of mental and physical health problems. Life is difficult yet it’s possible to feel calm and in control without making big changes to your current situation or circumstances. Equanimity is a skill that can be developed and I’ll show you how.

Regardless of your busy life, there are ways for you to carve out time for you. Like most things, it’s less about the quantity and more about the quality and finding some time for yourself doesn’t require massive changes. Learn how to set aside a small amount of time for you to create more balance in your life and lead to a greater sense of ease.  

You Will Gain:

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— Anne C., VA

Now I am really trying to pause more throughout the day and I’m better at slowing my mind. It was helpful that you blended the scientific information with wisdom teachings from the Buddha and used stories that made the teachings memorable. I would highly recommend this program to others as it will help you get started with meditation and learn how important it is to your mental health. 

Taking this course really helped me accept just how busy my mind can be.